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School Visits

School visits are a great way to build literacy and language skills. Each visit offers:



highly interactive and evidence-based activities to keep learners excited and engaged

easy-to-implement tips and resources to assist teachers in the classroom

simple yet fun strategies for parents to keep the learning going at home

Shool Visits
Speaking Engagements

School Visits  

Boosting language and literacy skills has never been more fun!


School visits:




Schedule an in-person school visit for your Pre-K through 3rd-grade students if you're interested in the following benefits:

  • curriculum-based lessons that promote learning and increase skill retention

  • easy-to-learn evidence-based strategies that build critical language and literacy skills

  • interactive language and literacy activities that make learning easier and faster

  • take-home resources that make skill-building at home easy for caregivers

Click each picture below to learn more about what students (and educators) will learn, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), and how Common Core standards are integrated into each presentation.

include educational games for grades PK-3rd

feature hands-on activities

are great for individual classes

are well-suited for larger groups of students


Speaking Engagements

If you're looking for a highly interactive presentation for your school team, parent group, organization, or SLP graduate program that combines expert knowledge with practical application, look no further!


Our goal is to empower educators by equipping them to create an inclusive, equitable academic environment that fosters success for diverse learners. We provide simple strategies that your audience can implement the very next day.  

 We look forward to working with you to equip and empower!

Professional Development 

We support school teams, parents, and SLP graduate students in acquiring and employing evidence-based strategies to elevate students' language skills and overall academic proficiency. Our professional development presentations and courses go beyond being highly interactive; they are exceptionally practical and engaging, designed to benefit both seasoned professionals and enthusiastic beginners. Drawing from over a decade of experience as a school-based clinician focusing on diverse students with varying abilities, Dr. Kearney brings forth the expertise to optimize learning for school staff, caregivers, and SLP graduate students. The outcome? Tangible enhancements in professional skills leading to positive academic and communication outcomes for diverse populations!



We offer a range of presentation topics ideal for:

General Topics:

  • autism

  • cultural and linguistic diversity

  • cultural responsiveness

Presentation Types:

  • in-person

  • virtual

General & Special

Education Teachers


Administrators & Directors

Planting Seeds

Autism Classroom Support Staff

Speech Therapist

Speech Pathology Graduate Students


Resource Teachers

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SPED Coordinators/Chairs

At the Library

Reading Specialists


SLP Graduate Student Workshop

We also offer a highly interactive workshop for Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) graduate students!


This engaging experience is designed to improve graduate students' skills by:

          enriching their understanding of the perspectives of culturally and       

          linguistically diverse (CLD) individuals

          sharpening critical thinking skills

          teaching practical strategies to implement through all stages of the clinical 

          process (e.g., rapport-building, assessment, goal development, treatment)

          preparing future clinicians to make informed, client-centered decisions

          equipping students to advocate for the communication needs of CLD clients

CSD Graduate Students

Click to learn more about the programs we offer for CSD graduate students!

Professonal Development
SLP Graduate Student Workshop

Educator Training Program

Training consists of:



training sessions







teaching &

assessment methods

of training

We turn learning into a dynamic experience with interactive sessions, lively participatory exercises, and enlightening practical application activities – because understanding should be as engaging as it is insightful! We equip your school team with evidence-based strategies and ready-to-use resources to ensure those newfound skills stick around for the long haul. Our training is like a customized adventure, perfectly fitting the unique needs of your school team. It's not just about training; it's the key to cranking up the excitement while boosting communication, and academic prowess for a diverse student body. Let's make learning a memorable journey!

Educator Training Program

Enhance your school team's effectiveness with our extensive educator training program, purposely crafted for educators and beneficial for every member of the school team, including:


  • Administrators

  • Specialists

  • Support staff

Our training program empowers educators to transform education by equipping them to create an inclusive, equitable academic environment that fosters success for diverse learners through mindset shifts, technology, enhanced teaching practices, and other practical means.

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School Training
Educator Training Program Testimonials

What school teams say...

"This was a valuable and entertaining session. I was able to stay engaged due to all the engaging activities that were involved throughout the session! Also, Dr. Kearney had a high energy performance that I appreciated!"
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Book Dr. Kearney 

Searching for a high-energy, knowledgeable speaker to empower, excite, and enlighten your group in a manner that makes learning interactive, simple, and fun? You're in the absolute right place!

I love speaking on topics related to autism, cultural and linguistic diversity, literacy, child language disorders, and special education. I'm excited to bring my highly engaging presentation style to engage, educate, and empower your audience!


Please complete the inquiry form, and I’ll reach out to discuss the details of your event. If you have any questions, please contact me at

Talk soon!

-Dr. Kearney


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